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What is ScoreboardX app?
What is it?

ScoreboardX is a scoring management system that can be substituted or combined with the classic scoreboards in billiard rooms. It offers you the possibility to manage, modify or correct scores at the tables remotely, it can be used to view results from PCs, tablets, smartphones and Smart TVs. Synchronize all devices in real time and give you the ability to manage up to 16 gaming tables simultaneously. It also automatically generates the graphics for your direct streaming (17 graphics of sizes and different colors) and a web livescore that can be easily shared with your friends and integrated into your website, is also nearing completion a system of web statistics that will give you the opportunity to access the data of the games played and to compare the results of the various players for each specialty, tournament and account.

What can I do?
This app offers you different possibilities of use and with the arrival of web statistics the possibilities will increase again:

1) Can be used to manage the score at the table and the video graphics of one or more matches (maximum 16 per account)
If you are planning a tournament or a single match that you want to highlight with a video graphics you will not be forced to stay behind a PC to update the scores, you just install our application on a smartphone or a tablet and you can manage everything from the comfort of your mobile device or even you could enjoy the game and leave everything to the players at the table by setting the application in "table" mode.

2) Can be used for training sessions
If you are a player who trains regularly you could use our application simply to record your results and check through web statistics for your improvements in time in the individual specialties. For example in games against the ghost. This regardless of whether or not you want to make a direct video of the session, because ScoreboardX can also be used as a simple scoreboard with the purpose of recording the results obtained in a database and then access that data, for compare them over time and look for your room for improvement in statistics.

3) To highlight your tournaments or individual meetings
In addition to the video graphics our application generates a web livescore in real time where you can follow the meetings in progress or consult those completed and to do so you just need a smartphone or a tablet to insert and edit the scores. Or you can simply record the scores at the final meeting to have the history of the results of the various meetings on the web livescore. In addition you can easily integrate your livescoreweb on the website of your room or your event.

4) For professional management of scorecards
You may need, perhaps in an important final, that the score at the table is updated automatically without the intervention of the players or an employee. With our application you can do it easily and conveniently. Just put a tablet at the table and from your device you can remotely update the score (which will automatically sync the one on your device, the one at the table, any graphics of live video, web livescore and web statistics).

5) Much more ...
The above are just some examples, the elasticity and power of this application make it ideal for multiple situations, even complex, in which more actors (games, arbirtri, race direction, etc. ..) can intervene from multiple devices on the scores of meetings and every change is propagated to all other connected devices, as well as video graphics, web content and web statistics.

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